Harrison Johnson

Janne's candor and attention to detail made an incredible improvement to our core product experience and new user onboarding. She ingested a ton of information super quickly and was able to tackle a complex pre-PMF set of problems. She also advocated and shipped some quick wins in our product development process - including advocating for reviewing screen recordings. We are better off having worked with her and I could not recommend her highly enough.

Josh Benamram

“Janne has been an amazing member of our team for product design consulting. She dove right in to a very complex area that would have been daunting for many designers, and has been able to bring her creativity and design expertise to help us build exciting new capabilities.

It's been an absolute pleasure working with her and we're excited for the partnership to continue!”

Ifat Yaakobi

“I managed Janne at Databand. She is a very talented product designer. She quickly understands very complex topics. She has very high empathy for the users, leading to through work on both flows and UI components.

She is also very good at collaborating with developers and other team members in an agile international setting. I loved working with her since she is a good listener and gives good feedback, and she is simply a lovely woman. Anyone that works with her will be delighted.”

Miguel van Bodegom

“We are CorTexter, a startup contributing to a diverse and inclusive labour market. In our early days of product design we needed a no nonsense freelance UX Designer to create the design stepping stones brand identity and webpage designs for our MVP.

We couldn't be more happy to have chosen Janne out of three professionals. She fits right in and drives the project forward until it reached the predefined end result. And it was a pleasure working together, too!

I can recommend working with Janne to anyone searching for a talented UX Designer that can deliver graciousness and beauty even under pressure.”

Lakiesha Kromoinangoen

“Janne was my mentor at my UX/UI internship at CorTexter for 6 months. She did a great job doing that. What I liked the most about her mentoring style is that she has a lot of patience and thinks along. I learned a lot of things from her about UX/UI design as well as working in a team. That really made me grow as a designer.

I highly recommend working with Janne, because she clearly knows what she is doing!”